Photo on 15-10-2015 at 17.32Welcome to my website.

I am Chair of Global Legal Studies at the University of Birmingham School of Law, where I am also Deputy Head of the Law School, and tutor and examinations officer on the Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences programmes offered in the University. My teaching focuses on counter-terrorism, human rights, and comparative public law, and I supervise a number of doctoral and masters students working on human rights law and practice, constitutionalism and comparative law.

On this website, you will find blog posts and further details on my current and recent research activity including conference papers, and new and forthcoming publications. You will also find links to my publications and contact details.

Interested in Studying Comparative and/or International Law at the University of Birmingham?

Birmingham Law School offers a wide range of courses at undergraduate and graduate level. If you are interested in enrolling in the LL.B in International Law and Globalisation please check out the programme website and feel free to contact me. If you are interested in reading for a graduate research degree on human rights, constitutionalism, comparative constitutionalism, terrorism and counter-terrorism, or any questions relating to (or using a) global legal studies (methodology) please get in touch to discuss your proposal before applying and check out our research degree website.