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Birmingham Law School Students

If you are a graduate or undergraduate student in Birmingham Law School who would like to undertake research assistance work please let me know. Email me a CV (1 page max), and if possible a statement of the issues you are interested in and what you think your main strengths are (document review? finding hard-to-find documents? copy editing? compiling documents and other sources from a provided list? conference/event organising?). When a research assistance opportunity arises for which you might be a good fit, I will get in touch and see whether it is something you are available to undertake. However, please note that my existing RA work for the 2021-2022 academic year has been assigned.

I occasionally advertise research assistance opportunities through the Law School’s paid RA programmes such as CEPLAR re-skill and the Undergraduate Research Scholarship. Where available, these will be advertised in the weekly BLS student newsletters.

A Note on Offers of Unpaid Research Assistance

Students sometimes write to me and offer to undertake research work for me without pay. I do not accept these offers, generous as they are, because doing so reenforces inequality in opportunity between those who can afford to work for free in order to create networks and future opportunities, and those who cannot. Instead, I try to secure pots of money that will enable me to pay students at the University-determined rate for their research assistance.

If you have an idea for legal research or advocacy work that you want to pursue yourself I am happy to buy you a coffee and talk through it with you. Just email me on f.delondras @

Prospective PhD Students

Many of my current PhD students have recently completed or are now completing their doctoral work. This means I have space to take on one or two new students in the coming academic year. Please email me with a research proposal and sense of why you would like to do your PhD with me, and we can then discuss fit etc in advance of a formal application. Applications for the Birmingham Law School doctoral programme are competitive and must be made through the central admissions system. All details–and details of available funding–are available here.

My current doctoral students are Marcelo Carvalho Louriero (nationality, citizenship, and the Lusophone post-colony), Alana Farrell (regulation of abortion information in Ireland), and Antonella Lavelanet (legal consciousness of abortion seekers).

Prospective Post-Doctoral Students

ECRs with proposals for funded post-doctoral projects (especially in either abortion law reform or any aspect of transnational counter-terrorism), and who wish to apply to programmes such as the British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships, UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships etc should contact me to discuss their proposal and my capacity to support their application.

Visiting Scholars

Birmingham Law School runs a visiting scholar programme, providing shared office space to visitors as well as full integration in the research environment in the School. Colleagues who wish to visit and spend time in the School and whose work relates to my own in any way should get in touch with me to discuss support for their application.

Visiting PhD Students

Unfortunately I do not currently have the capacity to act as a mentor/supervisor to visiting PhD students applying through external funded programmes.

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