Presentations & Lectures

Speaking at the Hay Festival 2018 with Máiréad Enright

161. “Effectiveness in Counter-Terrorism”, Expert Meeting on Effectiveness, University of Geneva, 11 November 2020 [by videoconference]

160. “The UN’s Counter-Terrorism Architecture”, Convening of the UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms while Countering Terrorism, 10 November 2020 [by videoconference]

159. “Transnational Counter-Terrorism: Three Key Themes”, ANU College of Law, Canberra, 20 February 2020

158. Fiona de Londras (2019), ‘EU Counter-Terrorism Law and Foreign Terrorist Fighters”, University of Minnesota, 4 November 2019

157. Fiona de Londras (2019), ‘Accountability and Review in the Counter-Terrorist State’, Australian National University, Canberra, 9 July 2019

156. Fiona de Londras (2019), ‘Judging Women: Abortion Law in Ireland’, Judging Women Workshop, University of Oxford, 3 May 2019

155. Fiona de Londras (2019), ‘Rights-Based Approaches to Countering Extremism’, Commission on Countering Extremism, 1 May 2019

154. Fiona de Londras (2019), ‘Counter-Terrorism Review’, Northumbria University, 11 March 2019

153. Fiona de Londras (2019), ‘Reforming Abortion Law in Gibraltar’, UNISON Gibraltar, 6 March 2019

152. Fiona de Londras (2018), ‘Transnational Counter-Terrorism and Constitutionalism’, Current Legal Problems Lecture, University College London, 29 November 2018

151. Fiona de Londras (2018), ‘Preliminary Thoughts on Intersectionality and Repeal’, University of Bristol, 14 November 2018

150. Fiona de Londras (2018), ‘Transnationalism and Counter-Terrorism’, International University Bangladesh, Dhaka, 14 October 2018

149. Fiona de Londras (2018), ‘Vulnerability, the Human Condition, and Repeal’, University of Leeds, 20 September 2018

148. Fiona de Londras (2018), ‘Politicisation, Transnational and Counter-Terrorism’, University of Zurich (by Skype), 1 June 2018

147. Fiona de Londras (2018), ‘Repealing the 8th: Reforming Irish Abortion Law’ (with Mairead Enright), Hay Literary Festival, 31 May 2018

146. Fiona de Londras (2018), ‘Repealing the 8th’ (with Mairead Enright), Irish Women Lawyers Association, Dublin, 9 May 2018

145. Fiona de Londras (2018), ‘Repealing the 8th’, Public debate, Waterford, 2 May 2018

144. Fiona de Londras (2018), ‘Repealing the 8th: Reforming Irish Abortion Law’, community talk, Adare, 18 April 2018

143. Fiona de Londras (2018), ‘Repealing the 8th: Reforming Irish Abortion Law’, Book launch, University of Limerick, 16 April 2018

142. Fiona de Londras (2018), “The European Court of Human Rights: Between Judicial Power and Judicial Authority”, British Academy, 8 March 2018

141. Fiona de Londras (2017), “‘The People’s Book’: Constitutional Change from Referendum and the Example of Abortion Rights in Ireland”, Hong Kong University, 8 December 2017

140. Fiona de Londras (2017), “Building a New Institutional Infrastructure for an Article 23 Law”, Centre for Comparative Public Law, Hong Kong University, 4 December 2017 (with Cora Chan)

139. Fiona de Londras (2017), “Sustainable Security and Human Rights”, 10th Annual Budapest Human Rights Forum, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary, 27 November 2017

138. Fiona de Londras (2017), “The 8th Amendment and the Future of Abortion Law in Ireland”, INCLO Conference hosted by the ICCL, Science Gallery, Dublin, 8 October 2017

137. Fiona de Londras (2017), “Foreign Terrorist Fighters: the EU’s Approach”, Transitional Justice Institute, University of Ulster, 7 October 2017

136. Fiona de Londras (2017), “Infringement Proceedings under the ECHR: Politics or Law?” University of Nottingham, 28 September 2017.

135. Fiona de Londras (2017), “Response: On Political Constitutionalism”, MLR Seminar, University of Sheffield, 14 September 2017.

134. Fiona de Londras (2017), “Judicial Power or a Return to Sovereignty? The JPP and the European Court of Human Rights”, SLS Annual Conference, University College Dublin, 5 September 2017

133. Fiona de Londras (2017), “The Citizens Assembly, Participation and Abortion Rights”, Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, Mexico City, 20 June 2017

132. Fiona de Londras (2017), “Proportionality in the European Directive on Combatting Terrorism”, Israel Democracy Institute, Jerusalem, 21 May 2017

131. Fiona de Londras (2017), “Effectiveness in EU Counter-Terrorism”, CEPS, Brussels, 12 May 2017

129. Fiona de Londras (2017), “Reproductive Rights in Ireland”, Doughty Street Chambers (Manchester Office), 11 March 2017

128. Fiona de Londras (2017), “Abortion Restrictions in Ireland”, Le Quesne Law Society, University of Oxford, 20 February 2017

127. Fiona de Londras (2017), “The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013: A Women’s Legal Landmark?”, Women’s Legal Landmarks Workshop, University of Birmingham, 17 February 2017

126. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Regionalism and the European Convention on Human Rights’, Constitutional Court of Lithuania, 9 December 2016

125. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Europe’s Rule of Law Crisis’, Keynote speech, University of Brighton conference on ‘The Future of Rights in the UK’, 10 November 2016

124. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Extraterritoriality and the British Bill of Rights’, University of Edinburgh, 27 October 2016

123. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Is There a Rule of Law Crisis in Europe?’, University of Hong Kong, 2 September 2016

122. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Article 23: Security, Liberty, and the Seductive Power of ‘Balance”, Article 23 roundtable, University of Hong Kong, 30 August 2016

121. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Workability and Risks of Likely Measures under Counter-Extremism Legislation’, Chatham House, London, 15 July 2016

120. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘The Rule of Law Crisis in Europe’, University of Mauritius, 20 June 2016

119. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Referenda in the Reasoning of the European Court of Human Rights’, European University Institute, Florence, 2 June 2016

118. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Europe: A Friend or Foe of Global Public Law’, Centre for Global Public Law, Koç University, Istanbul, 16 May 2016

117. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Sustainable Security: A Critique from Rights’, Pembroke College, University of Oxford, 10 May 2016

116. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Repeal of the 8th Amendment: Prospects for Reform of Irish Abortion Law’, University College, University of Oxford, 26 April 2016

115. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights: Rhetoric, Reality, and Reform’, Irish Centre for Human Rights (NUI Galway), 19 April 2016

115. Fiona de Londras (2016), Respondent to the Lecture of Judge Silva of the European Court of Human Rights on ‘Terrorism and the ECHR’, University of Liverpool, 14 April 2016

114. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Has Constitutionalism Survived Counter-Terrorism?’, University of Strathclyde School of Law, 16 March 2015

113. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Abortion Inaccessibility in Ireland: The Issues’, Oxford University Amnesty International Society, The Oxford Hub, 22 February 2016

112. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘The Human Rights Council, 10 Years On’, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Annual NGO Forum, Dublin Castle, 19 February 2016

111. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Repealing the 8th Amendment: Legal Implications’, TCD Students’ Union & TCD Law Society, 1 February 2016

110. Fiona de Londras (2016), WEBINAR: ‘Counter-Terrorism and Security in Europe after the Paris Attacks’, Oxford Human Rights Hub, 22 January 2016

109. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Limitation or Licence? Some Thoughts on Jurisdiction ‘after’ the ‘War(s) on Terror”, QMUL School of Law, 21 January 2015

108. Fiona de Londras (2016), ‘Case Selection in the ECtHR: Bureaucracy or Constitutionalism?’, ILA British Branch Regional Seminar, University of Nottingham, 20 January 2015

107. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘The Future of the European Court of Human Rights’, 9th Annual Séan Lester Lecture, Irish Society of International Law, St Michan’s Church Dublin, 1 December 2015

106. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘Abandoning the Vanity of Lawyers: Why Law isn’t Always Enough’, Anglia Ruskin University Inaugural PhD Lecture, 27 October 2015

105. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘Evaluation and Effectiveness of Counter-Terrorism’, invited lecture, Universitair Centrum Sint-Ignatius Antwerpen, 23 October 2015

104. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘Measuring Effectiveness in Counter-Terrorism: An EU Case Study’, EISA Conference, Catania, Sicily, 25 September 2015

103. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘What Happens when you Constitutionalise Foetal Rights? Some Lessons from Ireland’, Emory University, Atlanta, 12 May 2015

102. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘Zappone & Gilligan v Revenue Commissioners’, IFJP Workshop, Griffith College, Dublin, 16 April 2015

101. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘Constitutionalising Foetal Rights: The Irish Example’, University of Georgia Study Abroad programme, St Anne’s College, Oxford, 14 April 2015

100. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘Counter-Terrorism and a Culture of Accountability: Challenges for Law and Rights’, St Mary’s University College, 26 March 2015

99. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights: Beyond Law?’, The Transnational Law Colloquium, King’s College London, 10 March 2015

98. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘Counter-Terrorism in the EU’, University of Surrey, 7 March 2015

97. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘Withdrawal from the ECHR: Implications for Oversight of Counter-Terrorism’, University of Edinburgh, 13 February 2015

96. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘The Implications of the ‘Terrorism’ Label’, Anti-Terrorism and the Kurdish Question, Bonn, 7 February 2015

95. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘Referrals to the Grand Chamber: What Questions are ‘Serious’ Enough?’, Oxford Human Rights Hub, 3 February 2015

94. Fiona de Londras (2015), Open Course Lecture: Wikountability–Publicity and Accountability in the Contemporary Counter-Terrorist State’, University of York, 27 January 2015

93. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘Data Retention and Blanket Surveillance in EU Counter-Terrorism’, Nathanson Centre, Osgoode Hall, 16 January 2015

92. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘Abortion in Ireland: The Transnational Story of a National Law’, IFLS Osgoode Hall Law School, 9 January 2015

91. Fiona de Londras (2015), ‘The Pierre Genest Memorial Lecture: Counter-Terrorism, Transnationalism and Human Rights’, Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto, 7 January 2015

90. Fiona de Londras (2014), ‘Human Rights and the War on Terror in Comparative Perspective’, Garden Court Chambers, London, 8 December 2014

89. Fiona de Londras (2014), ‘Governance Gaps in EU Counter-Terrorism’, ARENA University of Oslo, 4 November 2014

88. Fiona de Londras (2014), ‘Participatory Research for Doctoral Students’, University of Limerick Conference on Methodologies in Law, 23 October 2014

87. Fiona de Londras (2014), ‘SECILE: Findings and Significance’, SECILE Final Conference, Royal Irish Academy, 13 October 2014

86. Fiona de Londras (2014), ‘Developing Your Career as an ECR’. University of Birmingham ECR Forum, 1 October 2014

85. Fiona de Londras (2014), ‘EU Counter-Terrorism’, Council of Europe Conference on Terrorism and Organised Crime, City Hall, Malaga, 23 September 2014

84. Fiona de Londras (2014), ‘Referrals to the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights’, SLS Annual Conference, University of Nottingham, 9 September 2014

83. Fiona de Londras (2014), ‘In Defence of Judicial Innovation’, Judges, Politics and the Constitution, Dublin City University, 4 September 2014

82. Fiona de Londras (2014), “Understanding the Impact, Legitimacy and Effectiveness of EU Counter-Terrorism”, University of Cambridge, 4 July 2014

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78. Fiona de Londras (2014), “Preventative Counter-Terrorism: Implications for Law and Policy”, UCC,  27 March 2014

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73. Fiona de Londras (2014),”Academic Lawyers, Civic Engagement, and Human Rights”, UCD Student Legal Service Colloquium, 13 February 2014

72. Fiona de Londras (2014), “Abortion Law Reform in Ireland: Rhetoric, Rights or Politics?”, Manchester Metropolitan University, 18 January 2014

71. Fiona de Londras (2013), “Constitutionalist Ruptures in the Contemporary Counter-Terrorist State”, Birmingham Law School, 4 December 2013

70. Fiona de Londras (2013), “Constitutionalist Ruptures in the Contemporary Counter-Terrorist State”, Warwick Law School, 27 November 2013

69. Fiona de Londras (2013), “Counter-Terrorist Judicial Review: Beyond Dichotomies”, Symposium on Counter-Terrorist Judicial Review, New South Wales Bar Council Common Room, Sydney, 20 November

68. Fiona de Londras (2013), “The European Court of Human Rights and the Burden of Constitutionalism”, 16 October 2013, Liverpool Law School.

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61. Fiona de Londras (2012), ‘Constitutionalism Frustrated The ‘Private’ War on Terror’, SLS Annual Conference, Bristol, 11 September 2012

60. Fiona de Londras (2012), ‘Research Collaboration and Internationalisation: How? Why? Who?’ University of Copenhagen Centre for European Constitutionalization and Security, 25 May 2012

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36. Fiona de Londras (2010) Crisis, Panic and Law-Making: Do National Patterns of Panic-Relating Law-Making Transpose to the International Plane? [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], The Creation of International Law: An Exploration of Normative Innovation, Contextual Application, and Interpretation in a Time of Flux, University of Oslo , 06-07-AUG-10.

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