Irish Yearbook of International Law 2011 (2013): Now Published

I am delighted that the 2011 edition, which is the 6th volume, of the Irish Yearbook of International Law co-edited by Siobhán Mullally and me and published by Hart with the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and A&L Goodbody Solicitors, has now been published. This volume features a symposium on climate justice, including an essay from Mary Robinson, as well as shorter articles, book reviews, and a documents section. It also features reflections from former colleagues on the work of the late Kevin Boyle. The full TOC is below the fold, and the volume can be ordered by your libraries through Hart or Amazon.



Mary Robinson, Climate Change post Durban

Paul Govind, A Reorientation of Climate Justice—Capability Justice and Climate Change Adaptation

Fanny Thornton, Compensatory Justice for Climate Change Displacees under International Law: Fault-Based and No-Fault Approaches

David Browne, Causation and Damages in Climate Litigation: Evaluating the Role of Human Rights Law

Shorter Articles and Notes

Darren O’Donovan, The Diplomatic Disputes between the Holy See and the Irish State 2009-2012: A Legal Analysis

In Memoriam: Kevin Boyle

Marie McGonagle, Kevin Boyle—An Appreciation of His Work on Freedom of Expression

Tom Hadden, Working with Kevin—A Personal Reminiscence

Correspondent Reports

Alan Brady, Irish Practice in International Law 2011

Ronán Long, Irish Practice on the Law of the Sea 2011

Stephen Coutts, Ireland the European Union 2011

Colin Smith, Human Rights in Ireland 2011

Brice Dickson, Human Rights in Northern Ireland 2011

Book Reviews

Fionnuala ní Aoláin, Dina Francesca Haynes and Naomi Cahn, On the Frontlines: Gender, War and the Post-Conflict Process. Doris Buss

Suzanne Egan, The UN Human Rights Treaty System: Law and Procedure. Edel Hughes

Fiona de Londras, Detention in the ‘War on Terror’: Can Human Rights Fight Back?. Conor Gearty

Steven Dewulf, The Signature of Evil: (Re)Defining Torture in International Law. Michelle Farrell

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