Counter-Terrorist Judicial Review Project Completed

Over the past year or so I have been working with my UNSW colleague Fergal F. Davis on a project entitled ‘Critical Debates on Counter-Terrorist Judicial Review’ which was generously funded by the BA/Leverhulme small grant scheme as well as some supplementary funding from USNW and administrative support from Durham HRC. The project has now come to an end, and a summary of the project is available here. The book of the project, which includes some of the world’s leading scholars on the issue, is now available for pre-order from CUP and includes not just this wideranging scene-setting paper from myself and Fergal but also a new paper by me outlining what I call the ‘regulatory constitutionalism’ of superior domestic courts in at least some CT judicial review decisions implicating foreign affairs powers. I look forward to the reaction (!)

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