Two Calls for Participation: IYIL and Emergencies

ImageTwo projects I am involved in are inviting participants at present: the 2013 issue of the Irish Yearbook of International Law, which I co-edit with Prof. Siobhan Mullally in UCC, and an interdisciplinary conversation about ‘The (In)Adequacy of the Emergency Paradigm’.

1. IYIL 2013

We are now accepting submissions for the 2013 Irish Yearbook of International Law. The full call for papers is here, but we welcome articles on any element of international law, shorter articles and notes, and book reviews.

2 The (In)Adequacy of the Emergency Paradigm

On November 14, 2014 I will host an interdisciplinary conversation in the Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University on the (in)adequacy of the emergency paradigm. This workshop, which is limited in size in order to maximise productivity, will bring together scholars from Durham and across the UK from a wide range of disciplines to critically discuss the concept of ‘emergency’ or its synonyms (including crisis). The hope is to identify commonalities and disjunctures and explore whether a ‘single definition’ might be capable of generation and, if so, whether that would be helpful at all. We will also consider the difficulties and benefits that arise from using the emergency label or paradigm to understand a particular set of circumstances or events. I have a very small number of places left and invite scholars from any discipline working on emergency, crisis or any other synonym to get in touch. Perhaps predictably I have quite a few lawyers already, so if there is an oversubscription I may prioritise other disciplines! 

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