Genest Memorial Lecture, Osgoode Hall, January 7

osgoodI am delighted to be going to Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto next month to deliver the Genest Memorial Lecture and a number of seminars, as well as to meet and work with some graduate researchers there and colleagues on the Faculty. My Genest Lecture, the poster for which is attached, will take place at 12:30 on January 7th and is entitled ‘Counter-Terrorism, Transnationalism, and Human Rights’. The abstract is below and the poster for the lecture is attached here.

Much of contemporary terrorism uses the products of globalisation in recruitment, financing and other operations. The transnationalism of terrorism, together with the cross-border connectedness of people, capital, communication infrastructure and politics, have combined so that states now act in concert on a wide variety of issues, one of which is counter-terrorism. In this lecture, Professor de Londras outlines institutional, multi- and bi-lateral forms of transnational counter-terrorism, arguing that ‘external actors’ are deeply involved in directing counter-terrorism. This has serious implications for constitutonalism and human rights, raising questions as to accountability, autonomy, legitimacy and the effective protection of human rights.

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