The Impact, Legitimacy and Effectiveness of EU Counter-Terrorism: New Book!

9781138854130My new book, co-edited with Josephine Doody, on The Impact, Legitimacy and Effectiveness of EU Counter-Terrorism has now been published by Routledge. The book is available on Google Books here, and can be purchased through Routledge and Amazon. The collection brings together key insights from my FP7-funded project SECILE, which completed last autumn. Featuring chapters from key researchers in the field, it presents empirically-informed findings of the project, together with broader theoretical and principled analyses of how to enhance and assess impact, legitimacy and effectiveness in the EU context. The table of contents is below, and I have also attached a pre-print version of the introduction to this post.

1. Introduction: The Impact, Legitimacy and Effectiveness of EU, Fiona de Londras and Josephine Doody Part I: EU Counter-Terrorism: Its Scope and Institutions 2. Taking stock: the evolution, adoption, implementation and evaluation of EU counter-terrorism policy, Ben Hayes and Chris Jones 3. The Institutional Framework of EU Counter-Terrorism, Josephine Doody Part II: Disciplinary Perspectives on EU Counter-Terrorism 4. Assessing Counter-Terrorism as a Matter of Human Rights: Perspectives from the European Court of Human Rights, Mathias Vermeulen 5. The Societal Impact of EU Counterterrorism, Peter Burgess and Médéric Martins Maze 6. Democratic legitimacy, effectiveness and impact of EU counter-terrorism measures, Yulia Chistyakova 7. Social Appropriateness in EU’s Counter-Terrorism Law and Policy, Bruno Oliveira Martins Part III: Practical Perspectives on EU Counter-Terrorism 8. The Perspectives of Counter-terrorism Operatives on EU Counter-terrorism Law and Policy, Cian C. Murphy, Aldo Zammit Borda and Lucy Hoyte 9. Civil Society Perspectives on EU Counter-Terrorism, Josephine Doody and Rose van der Hilst 10. ‘Closing the Loop’ on EU Counter-Terrorism: Review as Key to Understanding Impact and Enhancing Legitimacy, Fiona de Londras

Here is the Intro outlining the individual chapters.

My chapter in the collection is entitled “Governance Gaps in EU counter terrorism: implications for democracy and constitutionalism”. In it I argue that the making and implementation of EU counter-terrorism raises serious questions as to the extent to which this limb of the Union’s activities is undertaken in accordance with the constitutionalist spirit of the Union and, if not, what implications this may have for constitutionalism and legitimacy within the EU. Although some of these concerns have been doctrinally (if not yet practically) resolved through the dissolution of the three pillars and further empowerment of the European Parliament in the Lisbon Treaty, a number of fundamental concerns persist. The chapter starts by outlining the scope of the EU’s counter-terrorism activities since 2001, before going on to consider the paper’s framing concepts of constitutionalism and legitimacy. Building on this, the paper then assess EU counter-terrorism by reference to provenance, process, democratic oversight and effectiveness in order to consider the extent to which EU constitutionalism may be compromised or called into question in the field of counter-terrorism as so far engaged with by the Union. I argue that the EU experiences constitutionalist tensions in the making and implementation of counter-terrorism law and policy, some of which are resolved by the courts of the EU, but the nature of which point to the need to build further constitutionalist structures into EU counter-terrorism.

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