On the Move to the University of Birmingham

UoB_logoI am delighted to have been appointed as the Chair of Global Legal Studies at the University of Birmingham. Thus, after three very happy and productive years in Durham, I will be starting in Birmingham on 1 August.

The creation of this chair signals Birmingham’s commitment to global legal studies (including, but going beyond, ‘global law’, international law, comparative law and transnational law), which is also clear from the establishment of the LL.B in International Law and Globalisation. That degree, which has a small and highly competitive entry, will begin with a full cohort this September and offers students a globalised experience reflected in the syllabus, the teaching team, the diversity of the student community in which they will be working, and the possibility of a year abroad. The programme, as well as the Chair, build on the research strengths in the School, reflected in the highly internationalised programmes of work across the research institutes, groups and clusters.

The School also has a vibrant visiting scholars scheme, the details of which are available here, and I would encourage people working in global legal studies to consider visiting and participating in our research. I am very much looking to the move and to working with wonderful new colleagues to carve out a dynamic and engaged research and teaching programme in global legal studies in Birmingham.

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