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Application for Snowden Warrant fails in Dublin: What next?

This afternoon in the High Court an application for a provisional arrest warrant for Edward Snowden under the Extradition Act 1965 was refused. There is no particularly spectacular basis for the refusal. In a short judgment, Mac Eochaidh J. held that one of the requirements of s. 27 of the 1965 Act–that the location of the alleged offence be specified in the request–was simply not fulfilled. As there was a period of time when Mr Snowden was outside of the United States after he last accessed the NSA but before the first publication it was not clear that the offences alleged had been committed in the USA. One imagines that, provided the United States knows where the offences were committed, the application will be resubmitted. Thus it is germane to think a little about what the provisional arrest warrant under s. 27 means. Continue reading