Column reflecting on the NSA Report

I have published a short column reflecting on two of the more interesting proposals in the NSA report released last week: the data retention proposal (which is intended to prevent the NSA itself from collecting metadata) and the proposals for a Public Interest Advocate to be appointed to the FISC. The latter is a particularly fascinating proposal, in my view. The column, published on The Conversation, can be read here.

Latest Publication: On privatisation and counter-terrorist surveillance

Last December I attended and spoke at the IACL Working Group on Constitutional Respones to Terrorism conference on surveillance at UNSW Law School. The edited book arising from that conference has now been published by Routledge and is edited by Fergal Davis, Nicola McGarrity and George Williams and is entitled Surveillance, Counter-Terrorism and Comparative Constitutionalism. In it I publish a chapter entitled “Privatized Counter-Terrorist Surveillance: Constitutionalism Undermined”. I describe the chapter thus in the introduction:

This chapter is concerned with the constitutionalist challenges posed by privatized counter-terrorist surveillance (PCTS). PCTS is defined here as surveillance done for the purposes or in the course of a broader counter-terrorist regime and in which private (by which is meant non-state) actors are involved. This chapter characterizes PCTS as one illustration of a broader trend of privatization in counter-terrorism and problematizes it as a phenomenon  that severely undermines the core constitutionalist commitment to limited, transparent and accountable power.

The entire collection–which is very comparative in its approach–is an insightful and intersting one. It can be ordered here.

Latest Publication: ‘Prevention, Detention and Extraordinariness’

I am very pleased that my latest piece, ‘Prevention, Detention and Extraordinariness’, has now been published in an excellent collection co-edited by Oren Gross and Fionnuala ní Aoláin entitled Guantánamo and beyond : exceptional courts and military commissions in comparative perspective (2013, CUP). The introduction to my chapter (with footnotes removed) is beneath the fold. Continue reading “Latest Publication: ‘Prevention, Detention and Extraordinariness’”

Inaugural Lecture now Online

In June I delivered my inaugural lecture, entitled “Counter-Terrorism Everywhere”, in Hatfield College, one of the sixteen colleges at the University of Durham. The lecture was part of the University’s public Inaugural Lecture Series. Part of the publicness of the series is the commitment to making these lectures available for all to see, and so the recording of the lecture has now been posted on the Durham University YouTube channel and the University site that hosts all the of videos of the inaugural lectures. The lecture can be viewed here.