New Article on Declarations of Incompatibility

My new article, “Declarations of Incompatibility Under the ECHR Act 2003: A Workable Transplant?” will be published in the Statute Law Review in 2014, but is alead available on advance access. Here is the abstract:

Ireland’s European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) Act 2003 has not had a very significant impact on domestic rights-related jurisprudence. This is, perhaps, not entirely surprising given that the Irish Constitution—Bunreacht na hÉireann—protects fundamental rights and that incompatibility with constitutional rights is fatal to legislation, with superior courts being constitutionally empowered to strike such law down. Thus, rather than a political constitution, Ireland has a ‘legal’ constitution in which courts play an important role in rights protection. In spite of that, the Declaration of Incompatibility—designed to maintain constitutional structures while protecting rights within a political constitution—was transplanted from the Human Rights Act 1998 into the ECHR Act in Ireland. This paper examines the workability of that transplantation. It concludes that the Irish Declaration of Incompatibility fits awkwardly into the Irish politico-legal culture of rights, so that it really must be a remedy of last resort given its patent inferiority compared with constitutional remedies for rights infringements and, further, that if it is going to be at all effective even in cases of last resort, a fundamental shift in political cultures and structures relative to rights is required.

Latest Publication: ‘Prevention, Detention and Extraordinariness’

I am very pleased that my latest piece, ‘Prevention, Detention and Extraordinariness’, has now been published in an excellent collection co-edited by Oren Gross and Fionnuala ní Aoláin entitled Guantánamo and beyond : exceptional courts and military commissions in comparative perspective (2013, CUP). The introduction to my chapter (with footnotes removed) is beneath the fold. Continue reading “Latest Publication: ‘Prevention, Detention and Extraordinariness’”

Irish Yearbook of International Law 2011 (2013): Now Published

I am delighted that the 2011 edition, which is the 6th volume, of the Irish Yearbook of International Law co-edited by Siobhán Mullally and me and published by Hart with the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and A&L Goodbody Solicitors, has now been published. This volume features a symposium on climate justice, including an essay from Mary Robinson, as well as shorter articles, book reviews, and a documents section. It also features reflections from former colleagues on the work of the late Kevin Boyle. The full TOC is below the fold, and the volume can be ordered by your libraries through Hart or Amazon. Continue reading “Irish Yearbook of International Law 2011 (2013): Now Published”