Forthcoming paper: Mellet v Ireland & abortion law reform

I have a new paper forthcoming (either later this year or early next year) in the Medical Law Review: “Fatal Foetal Abnormality, Irish Constitutional Law, and Mellet v Ireland”.

The paper, which is really an extended case commentary, considers the UN Human Rights Committee’s decision in Amanda Jane Mellet v Ireland, handed down earlier this summer. The decision was ostensibly about the human rights implications of criminalising abortion in situations of ‘fatal foetal abnormality’, however in this paper I question whether the reasoning in the case is limited to that circumstance, and argue that the underpinning harms identified as constituting violations of the ICCPR (including inhuman and degrading treatment) actually arise across the spectrum of abortion criminalisation in Ireland. Read this way, Mellet illustrates the rights-based need for comprehensive abortion law reform, and not only for reform in respect of FFAs. Continue reading “Forthcoming paper: Mellet v Ireland & abortion law reform”